Nascendo_Telecom: a Swiss alternative telecommunication company working on the development of telephony network and in particular specialized in delivering cost-effective communication services that improve quality and reduce costs in developing countries. The company is also competing for Backbone licences in countries where it has partnership agreements.

Nascendo-Arena: a chain of gaming arenas dedicated to Internet PC games. The team has successfully managed a similar business in the past, and is now implementing this Click and Mortar model on a larger scale with hundreds of computer terminals per location. Leading players in this market have shown interest to be partners with Nascendo.

Infoelec_/_PCB007: e-procurement business targeting the Printed Circuit Board market. USD 35 billion market. Shareholders include France Telecom (10%) and Nascendo (1%). Established 1999 as a UK company. Completed USD 5 million second round funding in september 2000.