Press Release # 10




Geneva, December 27, 2000

The Swiss leading financial newspaper "AGEFI" published in French an article on December 27, 2000 that can be summarized as follows:

Nascendo foresees a listing in Europe or in Canada in 2001

The company is coaching 10 European start-ups specialized in B2B. Founded in 1999 Nascendo already realized several profitable sales.

Switzerland has been floated by incubators, and projects have flourished over the past few years. They have been brought by accademic circles as well as by the private sector. Nascendo contemplates the possibility to go public on the Canadian secondary market or on one of the European stock exchanges, a first for a Swiss incubator.

Nascendo generally takes stakes ranging from 5 to 20% in the share capital of start-up companies against several services such as legal, investment banking, merger and acquisitions. The coaching is secured by a team of 14 specialists. The management is composed of Georges Berberat, an ex-banker with UBS / PaineWebber, Marin le Corre, former Vice President with Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, together majority shareholders of the company, and Alexandre Covello, lawyer.

With offices in Paris, London, Milan and Geneva Nascendo coaches 10 companies specialed in B2B in diversified fields such as radiology, dentristry or printed circuits. It also took shares in companies operating in the distribution of financial products, data mining (resale of information data). "We consider that Nascendo is a service company rather than an investment firm. Our goal is to provide added value to our incubes" underlines Mr. le Corre "and our strategy bears results".
Nascendo is profitable, and expects to go public next year.

This incubator already realised profits by the resale of portfolio companies. A case in point: a French company that elaborated a shop boat or price-comparision site. We took a 2 percent stake in it, and found 10 million French francs with the Credit Lyonnais. Later the company was sold for 100 million French francs to Liberty Surf. Another exit was realized with a company called Human Capital Resources operating a software program for humain ressources. This start-up was sold for 15 million French francs to Planet Career.

Intel is represented in the company's strategic committee.

As of today the only possible exit off a participation is its actual sale. In fact, with the recent free fall of the technological sector it has become more difficult to exit through IPOs. Nevertheless, some of them could achieve IPO level such as PCB007, a British company specialized in the printed circuit board business. The founders of Nascendo also started new companies such as Radeikon. Georges Berberat and Marin le Corre induced a team of radiologists to create a market place on Internet. Today, the company has gathered about 30 medical professionnals in its circle. After a first round of financing of SFR 500'000 Radeikon is currently closing a second round of SFR 750'000. The Radeikon site will enable radiologists to gather together purchases for their own needs and realize savings up to between 20 to 30%. More than 100 practitioners already adhere to the site as well as some 40 hospitals. Nascendo owns about 15% of the company shares.

In order to find the financing for its incubees Nascendo does not revert to capital riskers but rather to industrialists. Agreements have already taken place with Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and Arthur Andersen. Nascendo, a member of the European Incubator Association, is backed by a strategic committee composed of industrialists such as Intel, and university professors like Didier Cossin of HEC, Lausanne, Switzerland, and Professor Jose Carlos Jarillo, IMD and University of Geneva.


For further information, contact:

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