Press Release # 7




Geneva, December 7, 2000

Co-operation agreement between Nascendo and Hewlett-Packard (Switzerland).

Nascendo SA has entered into a formal agreement with Hewlett-Packard (Switzerland) to become incubation partners within specific European market spaces.

Together, this partnership will enable incubee startups in the technology sector to better their odds to succeed in a challenging and competitive marketplace.

Nascendo has 14 employees in 4 offices in Geneva, Paris, London and Milan and is the founding member of the European Business Incubator Association for Switzerland (BIA Europe).Harlow and Nascendo are in the process of a proposed reverse take over transaction ("RTO") of Harlow by Nascendo as detailed in Harlow's news release dated August 18, 2000.


For further information, contact:

Marin le Corre or Georges Berberat
69, Rue de Lausanne
1202 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel.: (+41-22) 908 55 65
Fax: (+41-22) 908 55 69